Wednesday, January 25, 2006

meet the mrs.

So i am currently in the music library (listening side) where i had planned to do my theory homework.
About that....i have been listening to "Danses des Adolescentes" (which means dance of the teens y'all) from duh, rite of spring on repeat for about 25 mins now because facebook was the obvious choice once i had access to a computer. i def am not doing my homework as planned...and really, why should i? ah, the piece begins again....maybe if i listen to it for an hour and a half, the analysis questions will answer themselves...whatev
so, here is the topic to be discussed today.
Dan Stein...i TOTES have a new single jewish girl celebrity crush for you.

Say hello to the new Mrs. Stein, aka Lisa "the hottest girl ever" Loeb

She has this new show on E! called #1 Single. I watched it yesterday and damn she is cute. I have always loved her heartfelt, girly, whiny music and i also just love her. she is currently in search of a husband and the E! (i feel so stupid for putting the exclamation point after the e) website it says this about her:

"Seek(ing) intelligent city guy (NYC or L.A.) between 30-45. Must be smart, funny, sensitive (not wimpy), adventurous and family oriented. Preferably Jewish. No diets, no fake hair. Healthy and active a plus. Must love cats."

ok well i don't know about the cat thing and the must be an old guy thing, BUT she is smoking and the rest fits good luck with that one dan...

Sunday, January 22, 2006

reality television

ahhhh, the time has come that i blog again

and this time, it is about an issue that has plagued my mind and enjoyment of late night programs such as elimidate, blind date, cops, and cheaters.


"hey, it's me, cindy. what am i doing tonight? well, only what all the HOTTTTTEST local singles are doing on a friday night. i'm calling livelinks....where real, local singles are calling non-stop to connect with someone right away. you should call...i'll be waiting."

while cindy is just as cute as a button all curled up on her couch in a really nice apartment having perfect hair and a slutty outfit, this is likely a more realistic take on it:

"hey, it's me rhonda. i had a long day of work at the check into cash. instead of going to play pool/going to sing karaoke with lots of people with mullets, i decided to stay home tonight. maybe i will call that phone number that they show on tv all the time, and see if i can meet a guy that will take me out to the ponderosa."

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

throughly seasoned


remember when i eat chipotle like every day?

oh well. in other news, i found this.

really, what thrills me about this picture is not only the abundance of gold jewelery, leather, and brilliant blow-out frizz hair, it is the hip covered in acid-wash that pokes out just so. with a sassy hand placed upon it as if to accentuate...definately not hide it.


Tuesday, January 10, 2006

p.s. kenny shaw TOTES wore black wrangler jeans today

they were oh so deliciously tight too

i just turned around and noticed that my tv has been on and muted for the last hour or so. whatev.

i did not realize that i had secretly been watching the tony danza show.

why does tony danza have a show? i'm sure anything he would want to cover has already been covered today on tyra, the view, ellen, or even days of our lives (duh, my soap)

tony dare you try to make me watch you.


chuck norris is totes on tony danza right now!! wearing black jeans and talking about martial arts for teens! and he wrote a book called The Justice Riders

"After the arrival of a mysterious stranger, tragedies unfold inside and outside of the walls of the Church of the Valley. Is this man responsible for these events, or the church's best hope? And will the truth be revealed before it's too late?"
-synopsis provided by

i think the book sounds super, but you can probably save yourself the trouble of reading it because i am sure it will eventually be a made-for-tv movie, featuring chuck himself as the mysterious stranger. check for it on your local lifetime or usa channels.

and yes, those are pictures i took of the


So i saw brokeback mountain last night. it was pretty good. i do, however, upon seeing this piece of sweet goodness, realize that it would have been much better starring hall and oates.

because duh, then it could have been a musical.