Wednesday, November 09, 2005


hey guys what's up? NMH, i just got done cooking and eating a 7 course dinner.

and by that i mean i made myself chicken, lipton alfredo bag-o-noodles, and green beans.

Above you will see my chicken, and to the left you will see my noodles in tupperware. they requested to be photographed with a diet A&W root beer and i decided to allow it.

And this, this would be my can of allens cut green beans. i decided to add this to my dinner because y'all, everyone needs their vegetables. and allens was able to provide those vegetables for me this evening. it totally doesn't matter that i ate those cut green beans cold and directly out of the can, standing up while i was cooking the rest of my dinner.

BUT Y'ALL. the whole reason why i made myself a reasonable dinner in the first place was so i could justify making this...

that THAT is a chocolate lava cake. and it is pretty much all i wanted for dinner. but i was starving, so i was pretty much guaranteed to eat the whole thing if i didn't eat a real dinner first.

i feel like i just babysat myself and blogged about it.

so here is this for fun....

Hey, i am caitlin's best friend from 8th grade...and now i look like this.

'k, bye!

Monday, November 07, 2005

this just in

so on oprah, i just saw kirstie ally announce that she has plans to do a jenny craig commercial in a bikini...

i urge all of you to go to every store and steal or buy all of the bikinis...we must not let this happen

more on this later

Thursday, November 03, 2005

here's the sitch

ok so basically i have abandoned you, my blog. this does sadden me, although it may seem as though it does not, as has been shown in my recent actions. so i will just come out and say it.

facebook has taken over my life.

ok well my internet life.

and this is a hard thing for me to admit.

but blog, in the words of phil collins, just take a look at me now. there's just an empty space. and you coming back to me is against all odds, but that's just a chance i've got to take...
so, take a good look at me now.

see what facebook has done to me? it made me take a picture of myself like that one.

and i had been pretty sure that it had been coming into my room at night and watching me while i was sleeping, but here is cold hard evidence in this picture. see? SEE?!!?!?11!?
blog, you would never do that to me, i know, i know...shhhh, shhh. it's ok, i am back now.
and i will bring you good stories of people i am making fun of, and lyrics to 80's teen movie raps, and even more weird pictures of me and my family. yes, yes baby. mama's back.

ok, fine facebook. yes, i took that picture of myself to see what i look like when i am sleeping. and what...?