Friday, October 21, 2005

choral conducting

so that is me after i got my wisdom teeth out. that is also a good representation of me after choral conducting every monday, wednesday, and friday. choral conducting? you are saying to yourself. yeah, i know....i sound like a pussy. well, my friends, pussy i am not. it is probably the WORST class i have ever taken at ccm. ok well, let's examine this title of "WORST" a bit more. i will revise that and say that it is the worst class that i have ever taken that i didn't HAVE to take. there, that is better. i dread it, mostly because i have to get up and conduct with talent, something i completely lack. and then evaluate myself. in a timely manner. something i completely forgot to do so i am sure now to be failing the class. and he also takes roll like 2 minutes before the hour so of course i am always late too and as of last class period he had me down for 5 fucking absences. just because i am not in class like 10 minutes before it starts. and the teacher is dr. coker. who until this class adored me, and is sure to want to do all sorts of horrible things to me now that he knows the sort of person i REALLY am. sigh. this was the best decision ever. to take choral conducting, that is.


Blogger C.B. Po said...

oooh honey... I too have suffered under the instruction of Dr. Coker with choral conducting... good times. Hey, I'd love to come and be conducted by you some day in class. Have you gotten to that yet? or is that just in the spring?

btw... I'm totes here i the uc 24hr. computer lab finishing my third website, which of course will promptly be lifted to my blog and emailed out to everyone because kudos to me, it's so fucking wicked gay!

12:34 AM  
Blogger C.B. Po said...

and so this morning i finally put two and two together and realized why you weren't singing in thc concert this weekend... sly vixon!

6:43 PM  
Blogger Natalie Corinne said...

oh cait... you are turning into clarky slowly but surely... how cute

10:06 PM  

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