Friday, October 21, 2005

choral conducting

so that is me after i got my wisdom teeth out. that is also a good representation of me after choral conducting every monday, wednesday, and friday. choral conducting? you are saying to yourself. yeah, i know....i sound like a pussy. well, my friends, pussy i am not. it is probably the WORST class i have ever taken at ccm. ok well, let's examine this title of "WORST" a bit more. i will revise that and say that it is the worst class that i have ever taken that i didn't HAVE to take. there, that is better. i dread it, mostly because i have to get up and conduct with talent, something i completely lack. and then evaluate myself. in a timely manner. something i completely forgot to do so i am sure now to be failing the class. and he also takes roll like 2 minutes before the hour so of course i am always late too and as of last class period he had me down for 5 fucking absences. just because i am not in class like 10 minutes before it starts. and the teacher is dr. coker. who until this class adored me, and is sure to want to do all sorts of horrible things to me now that he knows the sort of person i REALLY am. sigh. this was the best decision ever. to take choral conducting, that is.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

congratulations graduate

so it might be entirely possible for me to graduate this year.

ok, i realize how that statement must sound. i am totes a 5th year senior, and i sound unsure of my graduation status as of the end of this year. well y'all...

i was just really concerned that i was gonna have to take like 50 credit hours this spring in order to actually, ya know, finish up. that is one of the things that really fucked me up last year (read: not the only thing that made me not graduate, just ask my theory teacher) i was gonna have to take like 25+ credit hours to graduate last spring. so i was just woooooorried, y'all. like for realz.

so today in diction, without the help of our friend smokey mcgee, aka patti rencher, i did a little audit of my own. it appears (and i am fully aware that appearances can be deceiving) that in order to graduate, your friend gunshot here must take a mere 14 credit hours winter quarter and 17 credit hours in the spring. now that's not bad, is it?

Y'ALL!!!1!11!!!! I AM GONNA GRADUATE!!! and i am so excited. i really didn't add it up before, because i was so afraid that i was gonna be the like token undergraduate for the rest of my life. but i won't.

and now......doo do doo doo!!! (that was the trumpet fanfare) i can reveal my secret to those of you who don't know. for those of you who do know, and hear about it everyday, i sincerely apologize. y'all, i, gunshot lin, am not going to ccm next year. there. i said it. AND I CAN'T WAIT. and that is why i HAVE to graduate. i cannot be here anymore. my legacy will live on but i, the person, must leave.

and so now, upon realizing this beautiful news, i celebrate. with reduced fat chips ahoy (like 100 of them) and skim milk.

i HAVE to get out of cincinnati

i pretty much hate it here right now

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

there is totes a new teen girl squad...and really y'all, it is the best one yet. if you are not familiar with teen girl squad, i suggest you seriously do yourself a HUGE favor and get caught up first.

in other news, i just heard a commercial on TV for steak and shake halloween milkshakes. ohhhhh y'all. milkshakes. and halloween. i haven't decided what i should go as for halloween yet...i was really thinking a barbie but...that would def require me to straighten my hair. hmmm. well i could just go as what i went as last year....this

so i mean, i always have options, ya know?

Friday, October 07, 2005

a post for fall

i would like to give a shout out to my philosophy teacher:

"word up old lady with nipples at a constant state of erect-ness that always wears white, see-through shirts!"

thanks y'all. have a good weekend!



Wednesday, October 05, 2005

1,000 visitors!

How did i get 1,000 visitors?

really y'all, i simply do not know. maybe it has to do with the fact that i look at my own blog at least 600 times a day - just throwing that out there.

the clown behind me in that picture certainly has a lot of flair, doesn't he? i met him last year at DON PABLO'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in Tri-County, with his friend Daffodil.

This is Daffodil. She(?) was not quite as active, and from the looks of her white goatee, she is very very old and feeble. Possibly that is why she sat by the $8.99 carnitas sign the whole time, as shown in the picture. A google search provided this headline :

Don Pablo's clown hoping other clowns will join the Don Pablo's team.

Poor Daffodil.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

apocolypse cold sore

  • so i want to kill myself
  • see diagram to the right
  • i had a coldsore 2 weeks ago
  • this one is really like a crop of tiny baby ones
  • it is a huge crop really, that probably won't be ready for harvest for another week or so
  • i think i will have to go to the dr. for some herpes medicine for this one
  • all of this could have easily been avoided by not kissing a piece-of-shit boy that i hate now in the first place