Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Goodbye forever

And so everyone, today marks not only my dear friend cadugin's 1 year facebook anniversary (hey boo!), but also my last day at ________. It's been a long, tough run here at ______, and i thought that i would celebrate by making a list of the people and things that i will miss/not miss. let's get started.

Things I will miss

-Watching the hot guy walk to the bathroom 85 times a day, even though 80 of these 85 times, he stays in there at least 10 minutes or more, making me convinced that he is either (a) bulimic, or (b) constantly shitting

-Free delicious, flavored mini-creamers

-Making fun of the smelly lady

-Hearing other people making fun of the smelly lady

-Free magazines

-Blogging about such amazing things like TinaWatch 2005

-All internet, all the time


-Smelly lady

-Mail lady

-Smelly lady's paronizing boss who makes me do things like make spreadsheets about other ad agencies so we can spy on them and then when i do them, he acts like microsoft excel is a completely foreign concept that no one has ever heard of before and says things like "good research" in a homosexual, patronizing tone of voice (to clarify...i really think he is gay...he wears some completely questionable shorts)

-Setting up free lunch for other people that i do not get to eat

-cleaning up exploded frozen diet mountain dews in a mini-fridge because smelly lady set it at the coldest setting and can't understand why she had to send the last fridge back for the same problem

-One word: dishwasher

Ok my friends, there we go. i hope you enjoyed the fonts, as i thought it might add to the mood of what i was going for in the drastic differences between the love/hate relationship i have with not only this company and with smelly lady. And thus it ends.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

mail lady

so we had the tina's still not back convo today...or at least she came up the elevator, got off, saw ME sitting there (the horror, the horror) and said the most dramatic "SO SHE'S STILL NOT BACK?" pretty much recorded ever in history. so i almost laughed. i thought that mail lady and i had already gone through this on friday.


before i could say anything (i.e. my usual "um-well-i-don't-know-really-you-see-well-uh-the-thing-is-uh") the very jaunty and sassy j. set that bitch straight on her way to the rest room.

"Tina's not coming back."

"WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!" mail lady replied, her shorts bunching up in complete and utter disbelief and shock.

and then, mail lady went on to lead a 5 minute conversation with j. about (ok, brace yourself) poor Tina's hysterectomy. Come the fuck on. jesus christ mail lady. i did, however, learn from this very open and public conversation about the details of Tina's reproductive system that she is only 23 or 24. (sidenote: while looking for a file on the computer at work, i found like ALL of her pictures, and she totally looks at least 26 if not 27 or 28 , but old people think that eveyone is like 18) That is so sad. she is so young and now cannot have babies. poor poor tina.

however, that does not give mail lady the right to ask me every day about tina's ovaries and/or vagina. DOES NOT. oh yeah and if she is coming back. hopefully that fun-filled little gossip session with j. will have set her straight. if not, no biggie. tomorrow is my last day.

so now we know what happened to tina. and tinawatch 2005 is over. thanks for all your help and prayers. we needed your support.

Monday, August 29, 2005

for the last time future callers of _________ company that i work for, when i answer the phone and say:

"__________, this is CAITLIN, how may I direct your call?"

do NOT under any circumstances say any of the following, or something similar.

"Hi Karen! Can I speak to..." "Yes," "Oh hi Karen how are you?"

while Karen is a perfectly acceptable name for a second-grade teacher who is like 35 or someone's mom, it is simply not my name.

so now that we have had this talk, do you think that maybe we could go with either (see how nice i am being? i am giving you not one, but 2 options) calling me caitlin, or nothing at all?


the management

post VMA wrap up part 1

mtv sucks huge cock.

i witnessed it doing so last night while watching the 2005 vma's with my friend heather. we caught the tail-end of it last night during the first run to witness kelly clarkson give what we were sure was going to be a great performance.

we were sooooooooo wrong.

kelly, kelly, kelly. oh girl. first, there is the issue of your canary yellow hair, which as a whole, makes you look retarded. and then the fact that i don't think you could hear yourself at first so when you started singing, you were kind of off pitch. but that is ok. being a singer myself, and having done lots of karaoke, i know that when you cannot hear the background music, it is a pretty scary sitch to be in. but once you turned up the volume on your ear thingy you seemed to be doing pretty well pitch-wise. but the screaming and yelling? no mam. absolutely not. no way. i will not consider that an acceptable form of a performance of "since you've been gone."
especially not from you. because 2 facts hold true here: 1) you WON AMERICAN IDOL SINGING LIVE, NOT SCREAMING LIKE YOU DID LAST NIGHT, and 2) "since you've been gone" is a pretty kick-ass song, and i am almost ashamed to admit that, because yes it is one of your songs. i am sorry, that's just the way love goes. but i like it. and i said it. i would not have liked it, however, if i had first heard the version of it that i heard last night. you actually sang on the album. you did not scream. that is like false advertisement. how dare you?!
in addition to all of this, i would also like to tell you that i am so, so, so concerned for your vocal health. this is in NO way a joke AT ALL. what i heard last night was the sound of extremely sick and rundown vocal folds and frankly, you need to have that shit checked out. i would highly recommend the Vanderbilt Voice Center.

ok girl. i know i have been harsh, but someone needed to get all that out there. so if you are free on friday, see if you can fly out to nashville. i am getting my car worked on so i am free all day. i know the name of a great hairstylist at this salon and i am sure she can work you in to get your hair dyed brown again. so if you wanna do lunch, go get our hair done, and then go to the voice center, i will totally come with. call me!



Thursday, August 25, 2005

Soooooooo...everyone meet jackie. she is the lady that called me about getting my carpets cleaned. she was even nice enough to send me her school picture via email so i could upload it to my blog. let's all make her feel welcome.

TinaWatch 2005

update in the mail lady's search for Tina:

2 and a half weeks in...and the search continues

(for those of you confused, tina is the receptionist i am currently filling in for while she is on medical leave. however, smelly lady has been interviewing others for tina's position, all the while talking LOTS of shit about tina, so i don't know if tina will be coming back)

the exchange between me and the mail lady went as follows:

"So Tina's still not back?" (she pretty much says this EVERY day)

"No...she isn't."

"Wow. Sounds serious!" (again...every day)

"Yeah, well I don't really think Tina's coming back."

"She ISN'T?!"

(oh shit) "Oh, well maybe you should ask (insert smelly lady's name here), she probably knows more than me. I haven't even met Tina."

"Oh well I definately will!" and then we just stare at each other, sort of smiling and saying Tina for like a minute while she waits for the elevator.

"Well my name is Janie, what's yours?"

"Um, Caitlin. Nice to meet you?"

"Yeah, you too hon! See you tomorrow!!!!!!"

i didn't have the heart to tell her that i too am leaving next week. and that i am not coming back either. i just don't think that with her seperation anxiety issues, she would be able to deal with it. at least this close to tina leaving.

CSI-hamster pee

ok so let's just talk about what i just did for the last 10 or so minutes.

when i came into work this morning, freshly showered and smelling good, i took note of the hamster-pee scent of my desk area. now, my desk area has been smelling hamster-peeish for about a week or so now so it really was nothing new. i don't really know what it was today though. could it have been a south-easterly wind, a-blowin' and making the hamster pee scent just so? yes it could have. i just simply don't know. all i did know was that i must figure out what was causing it. now logic told me that smelly lady was back at her desk, smelling up her own workstation and far from the scene of the crime, so we have already eliminated suspect number 1. suspect number 2- my feet. i looked around the office quickly. i sit out in the front around no one so a quick sniff would be no cause for alarm. i did so. suspect number 2 was in the clear as well. hmmmm. i looked under the desk. AHA! the kroger bag with unidentified (ok i think it is a canteloupe) fruit in it that has been there the ENTIRE time i have worked here (2.5 weeks). i did a quick lift of the bag. suspect fucking identified. to my horror....the bag starts like leaking and pouring out FOUL smelling juices that are far worse than any hamster pee that i have personally ever encountered. fucking tina. fucking tina that worked here before i did. fucking tina that worked here before i did that left canteloupes in kroger bags under the desk that rotted that i have to deal with. fuck. so i just kind of look at it. and get pissed and almost throw up simultaneously. and then i go tell smelly lady, 50% for the satisfaction of telling on tina (i am such a loser), and 50% because in that type of situation, you just HAVE to tell someone. and then i go start fucking cleaning that shit up. when i got down there, the smell was much much worse. it was literally like the smelliest diaper i have ever changed. pretty much the best thing i have done here at my temp job. so i cleaned it up, did away with the body, sprayed the hell out of the shit with know. and now people are all like, what did you spray? it smells...blah blah blah. but i totally can still smell hamster pee...

Tuesday, August 23, 2005


i didn't unload the dishwasher today.

on purpose.

p.s. smelly lady and i "cleaned out the fridge." this consisted of me watching her furiously scrub out the company refridgerator on her 55-year-old+(?) hands and knees while i ate a cookie from subway that was left over from a lunch meeting. ok. i "held" the trash bag and told her that the fridge looked good when she wouldn't stop going crazy on it. it was just supposed to be us throwing out all of the old stuff in it that nobody wanted anymore but after we were done doing that, she like, went postal on it. she even put all the drinks in one drawer and all the tupperware casserole leftovers in another drawer, muttering, "what the hell is all this shit, i don't know who the hell they think they are, they don't work at no damn mumblymdajfldsjfasjfalds" and then proceeded to wipe off the outside of the fridge too. the freezer also had it's share of good, honest scrubbing. i have decided that she is not only lacking in the hygiene and good smells department, but also in the IQ department. there are so janitors that come in and clean the kitchen EVERY night. she was the one that told me that in the first place.

Monday, August 22, 2005

i fucking hate my job.


1. waking up in the morning.
2. upon waking up in the morning, i have to wear something nicer than what is on my floor. this makes me mad.
3. i have to wear make-up.
4. people (namely the FUCKING ANNOYING mail lady) have said things to me like, "where is tina?" or "is tina coming back?" since the day that i started (2 weeks ago). tina apparently is the old receptionist who is ill and is having like bowel problems or something. this mail lady will ask me in detail about the extent of tina's illness every fucking day. fuck.
5. every morning when i come in, it is my job to unload the dishwasher. yes. the dishwasher. i know. i don't understand either.
6. people that won't talk to me in the elevator for some reason find it very necessary to chat with me when it concerns a fedex that they need sent RIGHT NOW because they procrastinated.
7. do i even need to mention the lady that covers my lunch break that smells like dog/poo/feet?
(today she smells really great)
8. no free parking
9. i get paid $8.75 an hour. which is like $6.62 something after taxes. fuck.
10. i like the 20 mins that i sit in my car in the parking garage during lunch better than i do the entire 8 hours at work.
11. after reading blogs all day, driving home is really hard.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

there is about to be the biggest storm. fuck. i love storms.
i think i love the like 20 minutes or so right before the storm better though. when the clouds are all dark and the air smells so awesome and it is all windy.

it just started raining.

i guess dramatic weather goes with dramatic me, right?

Friday, August 19, 2005

i love internet

ok i know i am just full of posts today but it is slow and and i am have a great time on this site.

basically, she takes names and stupid comments about baby names that people have made up from baby name sites and makes the meanest, most hilarious comments about them.
i have been sitting at my stupid desk in front of the elevators, watching people walk in and out of the bathrooms all day, waiting until nobody is around to read this site. why? because every time i do, i laugh so hard that i start snorting and or crying/peeing. definately worth checking out.

here are a few of my favorites.

  • This is for my niece, Dawn. She is expecting a baby girl in September. I suggested that they name her Dusk. What does everyone think?

I think her grand-daughter Nighttime would not approve. Or her grand-neices Afterhours and Graveyardshift.

  • Phoenix (she was conceived in Phoenix)
  • Aedin
  • Cielle (see-ell)
  • Gracelyn
  • Maxime (max-eem)
  • Jasmine

These people, being either liars, new age cultists, schizophrenic Dungeons and Dragons players, Mormons, or all four, make most commentary on those preposterous names moot. However:
Every kid thinks the idea their parents have sex is nasty. So why oh why would you want to remind them of it every single time someone calls their name?
I mean, how 'bout some truth in advertising, here! Name her Ramblerbackseat.

  • what about the name skylar or raven?

Thanks, 14-year-old-Goth-girl!

  • I will name baby#3 Killian(girl) or Tristan(boy).

Hope he sings in German and dates a girl named Isolde. And that the girl's middle name is Irish and her last name is Red!

I'll let you all read the rest...they are pretty much the best ever.

This is who i saw today performing on fountain square during my lunch break.

I am not really sure what to say about her. "It's like getting blitzed by Chuck D and Maya Angelou at the same time!--Ezra Waller,", says her website.
There. I let someone else say it for me. Well, i am not sure who Chuck D is and I definately did not hear ANY Maya Angelou.

I really thought they were having open karaoke lunch hour on the square today. I called my sister and my friend daniel to comment. I told them both that there was what looked like a middle-aged business woman in an unfortunate flowered dress singing to a back-up track and it possibly was karaoke. I was wrong. It was not karaoke. It was an actual artist with an actual website and glamour shots and albums and stuff.

Oh fountain square, please please get better artists! Well, on second thought, i take that back. I really did have alot of fun thinking it was karaoke lunch hour for a second.


i'd like to give a shout out to daniel...

basc...we rule...and so did that conversation.


Thursday, August 18, 2005


i have pink eye. no work today!

that means i did not have to pay for parking and i slept in til 1:30. today is sweet.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005


so on my lunch break today...after i uncomfortably sat outside of a bruegger's eating a bagel sandwich and a juice at what i thought would be a pleasant table....

-ok let's just discuss this-

it really all has to do with my outfit.

i know, i know. ok so in between alarm clock rings this morning i totally decided what i was gonna wear. sweet black banana republic pants, check. white tank top, check. pink sweater, check. black ballet flats, check. it was great. so i slept in waaaaay too long. upon waking up for reals, however, i discovered that it was august and not like december, so wearing my pink cashmere cardigan was not the sweetest of ideas. frantic, i also discovered that my HORRIBLE white tank top was the one that i had settled on when i had decided that it was ok to sleep in until it was actually time to leave for work. for those of you who don't know, horrible tank top means tank top from old navy that cuts my boobs off in the middle with that stupid built-in bra thing...but i really had no choice here...on the tank top thing that is. so i put it on and a blue button up shirt. ok sweet. so i'm at work. pants are great, shoes are great...TANK TOP NOT GREAT. stupid built-in bra keeps cutting off my boobs halfway. i have to go in the bathroom like 8 times to readjust. sweet. so i walk like 5 gazillion blocks to fucking brueggers on my lunch break, resisting the urge to completely just take my shirt off. go directly into the bathroom and am horrified when i see that the bra thing is mid-line of my completely nipple level. and you can totally see it. adflkjaldsjfraweopijgo. so i get my food. and like a fucking idiot decide to eat outside. on the street. underneath scaffolding. with no napkins. with my tank top riding up. the most uncomfortable lunch of my life. people are walking by and not only watching me eat, but i feel like every person is looking at my unfortunate fashion incident.

what i really wanted to write about here was something that happened after this. i had grabbed a CIN Weekly and casually carried it in front of my chest for the 8 block walk back and happened upon a live concert in fountain square and was so filled with joy (gag, i know) to see live music. i really wanted to just be on stage with them. it really made me so happy that i am pursuing music and art and performance as my career rather than having to be a fucking receptionist like i what am doing now for the rest of my life. i just can't tell you how happy it made me :)

i almost forgot about my tank top....almost.

p.s. so the lady that covers my lunch breaks for me just sat at my desk for an hour and now my chair/desk area smells like a really old, disgusting dog/feet/butt...GROSSSSS!

p.p.s. something new to comment on that i find neat/creepy....the few moments before i press the transfer button to transfer someone to whoever they're calling when they don't know that i can still hear everything that they are is soooooo weird what some people do with this time! did that make any sense at all? i have worked enough receptionist jobs to encounter this beautiful moment between transferrer and transferee like millions of times and it never fails to amuse me....even just hearing people clear their throats or hum or breathe is fun, but my personal favorite is hearing someone bitch to a co-worker about the person i am about to transfer them to...that is the best.

p.p.p.s. ok so it REALLY smells.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005


2 things i hate more than probably most other things

1. being called caitlind
2. being called catlin

both of these things have happened to me while working at this job


why oh why is it that every time i see the word "fairfield", i automatically think "old fart from fairfield" and such wondrous things as john from tri-county, shooting the shit, and getting off with his throat?

i have been eternally mentally diffused.

Sunday, August 14, 2005


so how do we feel about the music?


check one


me so horny me love you long time that me so idiot me did not realize that me did not html code it right and i can only hear the music on my computer....erased!

Saturday, August 13, 2005

moving aka killing myself

so i just went to u-haul and bought some boxes. they were expensive. i came home and looked at my living room. i stood there. i took down some pictures. i did the same thing in my kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. i don't think i can do this again. i just really don't. here is the list of my moves since i graduated from highschool.

1. out of parents house/into dorms freshman year
2. out of dorms/back into parents house for summer
3. out of parents house/back into dorms sophomore year
4. out of dorms/back into parents house for summer
*well no summer move this time because i thought we would just stay there but nooooo, the fucking city bought the building to tear it down soooooo
6. out of stairway to hell apartment and into this one

and now move number 7...which will hopefully be the last move until i graduate from grad school. but considering my history with moving so far...things do not look so good.

Friday, August 12, 2005


ok so i was leaving work today and onto the elevator from the 2nd floor walked the SWEETEST mullet i have ever seen. if it would not have been so obvious that i was taking i-am-totally-making-fun-of-you pictures, i would have gotten out my phone and started snapping away. and on the way home, i kept contemplating it. it was truly a wonderful creation. so wonderful, in fact, that i came right home and drew my own rendition(s) of it. observe:

Exhibit A shows the back of said sweet mullet. I think that i have captured the seperation between the layers of the short "business" section of the mullet, and the long "party" section of the mullet very well without taking away from the perm at all. way to go me.

Exhibit B shows the front of said sweet mullet and owner. See explanation of Exhibit A, as i think it applies to this exhibit as well. i would also like to point out the shirt. sleeveless, button-up, collared, denim (in places), and with american flag hearts. brilliant.


ok so here's something else. i have been reading blogs of people who live in NYC lately. these people are not much older than me and have recently graduated from college. i really am starting to yearn to live there. i mean, a part of me has always wanted to, but now, i am seriously thinking about it for when i graduate. it would be a great place to be based for what i am gonna do and everything. the only bad part is that i will be so broke that i will not be able to live anywhere neat like tribeca or greenwich village or whatev. but it makes me happy to think about living in a noisy, chaotic city. especially in the snow.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

a few things...

i forgot to mention that the wallpaper on the computer at the desk i am sitting at is a huge picture of the old receptionist with her boyfriend?/fiance?...she is suuuuper blonde! cute! smiley! omg! tan!....!!!!!!! and the guy is also tan! blonde! (although his appears to be highlighted...uh oh!) goateed! blue-eyed! earring-ed!!!!!!!!!!

i looked through the itunes, just to see what she is a list of the top 10

10. "Beauty School Dropout" by Frankie Avalon, from the Grease soundtrack
9. "Back that Azz up" by Juvenile
8. "Woodgrain & leather Wit a Hole" by Nelly
7. "FREEK A LEEK" by Peeky Pete
6. "junk" by Rap
5. "Breaking me down" by Soil (ok i just thought that it was ironic that someone named soil would sing a song named breaking me down...come on)
4. "What child is this" by Wynonna Judd
3. the whole catalog of works by the simpson sisters
2. "I love NASCAR" by Cledus T. Judd
1. "musical instruments" by musical instruments

cool days and hottttt nights

ok so i am at a new job...and my temp agency finally got it right this time. i am at an advertising agency...a really nice one too. downtown (for some reason, every time i say "downtown", i think of that really nasty song called downtown, where the ghetto girls talk about how a man must go, you know, downtown, in order to be any kind of man at all), which kind of sucks simply because of the parking situation. i was going to be completely on time today (at least that is what i told myself) and i left in what i thought was plenty of time. ok well maybe plenty of time if i hadn't have stopped to get a vitamin water, but nevertheless, i left early. so i found East 7th street and was completely proud of myself, found parking, was excited because they park your car for you and get it for you at the end of the day, WAS PISSED WHEN I FOUND OUT IT WAS $6.25 FOR SAID WHOLE DAY, started to try to find my building, walked a whole block in the wrong direction, walked back, got sooooo very confused because my temp agency gave me the wrong address, wait. let's examine that. not only has my temp agency been giving me bullshit jobs...this time, they gave me an address that simply does not even exist. (i am not giving out the real address here, this is a fake one, just to show the situation) they told me it was 3700 east 7th street. ok well i was pissed enough that i had walked a block in the wrong direction (how you can go a WHOLE block without seeing ONE number on a building is beyond my comprehension) when i finally got to the right section of the street, there was 3900 and then 3500-nothing in between. i was very confused and since 3900 was a pizza place, i chose 3500 and lo and behold, my company was inside, located on the 8th floor. so, 10 minutes late, i walked in. it's totally fine though, they didn't care. it's funny how nobody really seems to. (i am totally smirking as i write this) i am always late. especially the first day.

In other news, i am going karaoke-ing tonight, and i am going to tear that shit up. there apparently is a grand prize of $100 and i just know i am gonna take it home. well, i am going with lindsey deeter so it could go to either of us but i am pretty much convinced that all or some of that prize will be in my hot little hand tonight.

Friday, August 05, 2005

heard through the wall

as i was standing in my bathroom just now

"you better fucking fuck off!" *slap*

and so i pressed my ear against the wall to see what i could hear...but someone turned on the shower, so all i could hear was water in the pipes. i'm sure it was on purpose.

i'm just waiting for them to turn on the bass and start thump thump thumping me to hell.

top three

3 sweet things that have happened today...

  1. i went to an appointment on my lunch break today and on my way there, there was this guy on a corner holding a sign that said "love your neighbor" and was waving to cars with this huge smile on his face. he was still there 2 hours later when i came back.
  2. on this same trip back to work, i saw an awesome goldish-tannish colored old-school hearse go FLYING around a corner followed by an equally old school (and awesome) ice cream truck that said "WATCH CHILDREN". it was probably the funniest/creepiest/sweetest thing i have ever seen. i laughed for like 20 minutes.
  3. on my way home from work, it was kind of raining so the roads were wet. when i started to accelerate when the light turned green at a traffic light, my tires skidded, creating a sort of peeling out sound. the old guy in the car beside me completely stopped to see what was going on...i totally acted like i meant to peel out at a traffic light. watch out nascar, caitlin andrews will be taking over soon. oh and the old guy? he'll be at all my races natch.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

update: due to lack of phantom of the opera book (except for the easy piano/vocal score) i will be singing "summertime" from porgy and bess, all musical theater-y instead. oh yeah and "mein herr, marquis" from die fledermaus.

linky link mcgee

Guess who learned how to use html code? me!

In other news, tonight is the big audition at Vito's. I am almost more nervous about this than i was for my grad school auditions...i feel like such a douche. Furious practicing to be done as soon as i get off work today in the practice rooms so i won't completely embarrass myself singing (let's take a pausa {note the italics...must be pronounced with a forced italian accent} "think of me" from, yes, the horrendous phantom of the opera. i apologize to all of you fans out there. in fact, i probably should have apologized ahead of time because i probably will offend some people (well, considering that nobody really reads offense will be taken)
Anyway, i am totally singing think of me, a song that i have not even attempted to sing since i was like 15. This is mostly because i think it is kind of a dumb song...ok not dumb, but like expected. (you can totally use the italian accent there if you would be really sweet, but not necessary)
ok so hopefully, after my audition tonight, i will be the newest singing waitress at Vito's cafe...ugh.

i'll let you know how it goes...

Monday, August 01, 2005

it certainly is depressing when you have literally raced through a book and are nearing the end, but are putting off finishing it so it won't end. wait. does that make sense? it's even more depressing when this book is a book so cliché, that you weren't even gonna read it in the first place. but then you did. and it is really good. and you want to talk to people about it. but the only people that you feel ok talking to about it with are (a) your roommate, because everything she does is cliché (i know that is mean, but true) and she obviously read the book back when everyone else read it and has even read the just as cliché sequel; and (b) the really awesome friend who is anything but cliché, who suggested you read the book, fully realizing the mere suggestion made him sound like a douche. and you laughed at him. but the book is good. really good. now i sound like a douche.

in other news (and speaking of douches) i totally think that the people at my temp job think i am the biggest douche ever. so i got scared and didn't watch their cable tv today. which is good i guess, because i was busy reading my cliché book and being a grown-up reader and researching things as i read...which i really never do. what the fuck. this book blows. (but it really is awesome...don't tell)


the days and nights seem to run together and i am waiting for something monumental to happen...
summer drags on