Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Ok so i know that Nora and Nancy are my only readers thus far...so cheers ladies! Welcome to my first blog ever. Nora and I are sipping Kahlua and milk (well i am at least, Nora may be done...I am not sure) and finally watching "IT." The movie proves to be, as i knew it would be, for lack of a more accurate word, retarded. Tim Curry is the clown with fangs, which is pretty sweet, however, the rest is horrendous. I am pleased with the events of the past week. I have been laughing more, watching more movies, hanging out with good people, eating food, going on excursions, and certainly drinking more :) ! You ladies make me happy and pleased to be with friends that i can relate to. Here's to new blogs, new friends (Nancy :) ), and good food and wine! Happy reading and writing to all!