Monday, August 07, 2006

remember when nobody blogs anymore? well, nancy does (i am going to call you back today!!) but nora and chad don't...and me. when i was working temp, there was so much to blog about. funny, not funny...smelly lady. now all i do is miss daniel, watch tv (i don't have cable in my new apartment yet so not right now), take voice lessons...blah blah blah. life is so confusing when it seems that you are sitting around and waiting fro something wonderful. sunday cannot come soon enough. i wanted to get away from everything cincinnati but now i miss it. sort of. no matter where i go, i always feel so alone.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

driver awareness

after making several road trips in the last 2 weeks, i have a suggestion that i think would greatly increase my enjoyment and peace of mind during said roadtrips. ok more like a demand.

i hereby decree that no old person (or person of any age) will be allowed to purchase a civilian car that looks like a cop car. no dark blue, white, or silverish luxury sedans, ie. lincoln town cars, ford crown victorias, and late model chevy impalas. this will help me avoid having to slow down my normal driving speed of 150 mph to 45 mph every time i see a huge white car going 30. it is natural for me to want to pass them and not hang out with them like i want to go slow. my plan for solving this problem includes requiring old people to drive cars like this:

this would solve all of the problems related to old people driving cop cars.

Thursday, February 23, 2006


"that piece of this building...could be magic"

thank you useless ice skating commenter lady. all of america needed to hear you say that before japanese mcgee began to skate.

here are a few more brilliant comments from ice skating people

"magnificent. that is a LADY skating"
"that is the most emotion we have seen from her in the olympic fortnight"
"very long arms that any ballerina would give their eye-teeth for"

those people are useless. what they really need to do is at least start off by explaining what the difference is between a flip, a lutz, a loop, and a sowcow (sic?), because they all look the same to me.

p.s. to the people in the audience, if you feel the urge to clap to the music-restrain yourself. NONE of you clap in rhythm with the music - ever, period. you should be ashamed of yourselves.

Monday, February 13, 2006

um lindsey lohan (did i spell it that way on the previous blog?)

did you fuck up my blog template? you bitch.

finding myself

so i took one of those quizzes everyone does but nobody admits to doing..."what kind of girl are you?"

because frankly, i needed to help me figure myself out. and boy am i glad i did. otherwise, i would never have known that

I scored as Slut.



Nerdy Girl






Athletic Tomboy




Popular Bitch


Preppy Girl


What type of girl are you?!!
created with

I am glad to see that i am at least kind of a lot hippie and i am obviously super excited that i am 44% goth. but damn, slut. special thanks to lindsay lohan for bringing me the good news.

it should also be noted that i came very close to posting the results of "Which 'Thats So Raven' character r u?" and "Which Dysfunctional Faerie are You?"

Saturday, February 11, 2006

miss ccm pageant

which post-tonal theory teacher is hotter?

you decide.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


So this is my current obsession.

organic fruit strips, also known as fruit leather. they are 45 calories each and take me back to my childhood. you know when you smell something or hear something or taste something and there is just something so nostalgic about it that it's so weird? welcome to my fruit strips.

other than that, this is what i have for you.

i went to get a new id today. well, i already had an id but it totes didn't work. so i have been putting off getting a new one for like 3 years now because i didn't want to pay $15. but i did today.

Say hello to 18-years-and-10-days old me!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

meet the mrs.

So i am currently in the music library (listening side) where i had planned to do my theory homework.
About that....i have been listening to "Danses des Adolescentes" (which means dance of the teens y'all) from duh, rite of spring on repeat for about 25 mins now because facebook was the obvious choice once i had access to a computer. i def am not doing my homework as planned...and really, why should i? ah, the piece begins again....maybe if i listen to it for an hour and a half, the analysis questions will answer themselves...whatev
so, here is the topic to be discussed today.
Dan Stein...i TOTES have a new single jewish girl celebrity crush for you.

Say hello to the new Mrs. Stein, aka Lisa "the hottest girl ever" Loeb

She has this new show on E! called #1 Single. I watched it yesterday and damn she is cute. I have always loved her heartfelt, girly, whiny music and i also just love her. she is currently in search of a husband and the E! (i feel so stupid for putting the exclamation point after the e) website it says this about her:

"Seek(ing) intelligent city guy (NYC or L.A.) between 30-45. Must be smart, funny, sensitive (not wimpy), adventurous and family oriented. Preferably Jewish. No diets, no fake hair. Healthy and active a plus. Must love cats."

ok well i don't know about the cat thing and the must be an old guy thing, BUT she is smoking and the rest fits good luck with that one dan...